Get the Best Commercial Property Insurance with biBERK

Whether a business operates out of its own space, rents space, or operates from home, all businesses need to get commercial property insurance.

Commercial property insurance, one of the essential BOP coverages, guards your structure and its belongings as well as any exterior features, such as a fence or outdoor sign. BiBERK is one of the good options for commercial property insurance.

What is Commercial Property Insurance?

Any commercial property is covered by commercial property insurance. Commercial property insurance guards against risks including fire, theft, and natural disasters for commercial property. Commercial property insurance is carried by a wide range of companies, including manufacturers, retailers, service-oriented firms, and not-for-profit organizations. It is frequently combined with other insurance policies, including commercial general liability insurance.

Commercial Property Insurance

Why should I get the best Commercial Property Insurance with biBERK?

BiBERK is an excellent fit for your business if:

  • To shop online is what you want. You still cannot purchase coverage from the majority of commercial insurance companies online. You may obtain a quote, purchase a policy, and submit claims online with biBERK. If you need specialized assistance, agents are available.
  • You have basic insurance requirements. You may immediately buy the most popular business insurance policies through BiBERK.
  • Working with an established brand is what you desire. Less than ten years old are many businesses that specialize in offering business insurance online. Although Berkshire Hathaway created biBERK in 2015, it has long offered insurance through divisions like Geico.

About biBERK

An easy online experience is a priority for BiBERK, a commercial property insurance provider. Although agents are available to assist, business owners can obtain prices, purchase policies, submit claims, and download a certificate of insurance online.

A branch of Berkshire Hathaway, BiBERK may be an excellent choice for business owners who wish to buy commercial property insurance from a reputable provider and have basic insurance requirements.

However, biBERK may not have plans for you if your company needs specific protection. Furthermore, since only biBERK’s professional liability insurance is accessible in all 50 states, biBERK might not be your best option if you wish to get several kinds of commercial property insurance from the same provider. Other policies may or may not be offered.

get the best Commercial Property Insurance with biBERK

The Features

Business owners may purchase and manage commercial insurance easily with the help of biBERK thanks to:

  • Coverage in three stages: Through the carrier’s user-friendly online app, the majority of business policies, including commercial property policies, may be obtained in three easy steps.
  • Comprehensive online policy management: The web system can be used for billing, claims submission, certificate retrieval, and even work comp audits.
  • Services for loss prevention: Policyholders have access to Training Network NOW, a database of more than 350 training modules, videos, and educational resources.

For a variety of businesses, biBERK offers quick quotations and easily accessible coverage. BiBERK, however, is currently unable to write every kind of commercial insurance for every state due to the nature of its streamlined strategy. On the other hand, BiBERK provides up to 20% reductions on specific commercial insurance policies because a lot of the work may be done online.

The Pros and Cons


  • Online pricing and purchase options
  • During the quote process, the chance to choose coverage alternatives
  • Online claims and policy management that is simple to use
  • covering 38 different industries
  • Rating of A++ (Superior) by A.M. Best


  • Not all business insurance options are available.
  • Application lacks a live chat feature.
  • Due to comprehensive coverage plans, prices could be more expensive than with other carriers.
  • Not all states have BOP available.
  • Only BOP provides coverage for real estate.

How to get biBERK commercial property insurance

Online business insurance is offered by BiBERK. BiBERK’s website asks you to submit some basic information about your company, such as the type of business you operate in and the number of employees. That data is used by BiBERK to recommend particular insurance policies.

After that, you can select a certain sort of coverage, and biBERK will ask you questions relevant to your sector. If you run an accounting company and are looking for errors and omissions insurance, biBERK might inquire as to whether you offer tax preparation or investment advice in order to tailor your coverage.

BiBERK will display a quote after you add your personal contact details. The option to purchase the policy is then yours.

You can download an insurance certificate from biBERK’s website if you need one later to show a landlord or client. However, you must contact biBERK and make that request if you want to add an extra insured to your policy.

According to BiBERK, its online strategy enables it to provide affordable business insurance in comparison to other suppliers. But in order to evaluate prices, advise requesting quotations from several commercial insurance providers.


If the structure, the possessions, or the revenue of your company are damaged or stolen, commercial property insurance provides financial protection. The best commercial property insurance companies that we ranked can provide this type of coverage with better coverage features and ideal premium rates while also offering extra services like online claims reporting or risk management tools. Although there are many providers who offer this type of coverage.